You are not alone

Feminine Discomfort

A recent study revealed that 14 million American women have experienced feminine discomfort during their lives.  Some of the typical  symptoms of discomfort are pain, sensitivity to touch, itching, burning, redness, and dryness.

Feminine discomfort may be caused by hormonal changes. Hormonal changes may be caused by menopause, the use of oral contraceptives, or certain breast cancer treatments. In particular, a decrease in estrogen causes vulvar skin to become thinner, more fragile and vulnerable.

Feminine discomfort can be real and is usually not "all in the mind". Dealing with feminie discomfort can lead to problems with partners and relationships by affecting intimacy. Ultimately, this can develop into emotional problems and low self-esteem issues.

The vulva is a sensitive area which is easily irritated. The causes of irritation can range from dryness, particularly in older women, to excess moisture, which contributes to itching and odor.

Women prefer feeling "fresh and clean", but many feminine hygiene products can disrupt the natural flora. Excess cleansing of the vulva is comparable to excess cleansing of the face . . . too much of a good thing leads to dryness and irritation. Both dryness, and excess moisture make the vulva more susceptible to irritation.

A healthy vulva (the external area of the genitals) requires regular care with gentle products. Proper care of the vulva may help minimize the occurrence of feminine discomfort. Neogyn Feminine Soothing Cream was developed with leading gynecologists to promote overall vulvar health and comfort.

Neogyn Feminine Soothing Cream is a cosmetic product intended for use to soothe and calm the vulva; or can be used in conjunction with a treatment advised by your physician.  Using Neogyn does not replace seeking the consultation of a healthcare professional.