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"I had vulvodynia years ago and with being post-menopausal, it just made it more uncomfortable. I really had problems riding my bike. I was using estrogen cream but leery of the side effects. Then I saw an ad for Neogyn and thought I would try it. This is only my second day of using it but I can already ride my bike more comfortably. Hoping it helps in intimacy with my husband too!"

- Jeanne, 64 Florida

"I have been suffering from post-menopausal vulvar dryness and have been to many gynecologists for treatment without success. After just one application of Neogyn, I had immediate results and my symptoms went away. I can now sit down comfortably without having unbearable discomfort. Thank you Neogyn for improving my life - I truly recommend this product."

- Aileen, 57  California

"I suffer from Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome (VVS) and after the first few applications, I didn't notice any changes but the cream didn't hurt or burn. It's smooth and doesn't make me feel uncomfortable.  However, my discomfort almost disappeared - I would say that after 2.5 months of using Neogyn; I very much realized the improvement."

- Mandy, 26  Denmark

 "There was a slight burning in the beginning but I had some relief after 3 days.  It took a couple of weeks to feel almost normal."

- Patricia, 64  Wisconsin

"I was having post-menopausal dryness, burning and itching. I saw an article in the April Prevention magazine about Neogyn and decided to try it.  I had been experiencing a lot of discomfort and it went away after the second or third application of Neogyn. I was thrilled!! The itching and burning have gone away. I continue to use it so that the burning and itching does not come back."

- Leanne, 69  Pennsylvania 

"Relief! I would get so sore that urinating was painful and something I dreaded. This ended after my first few applications."

- Amy, 37 Kansas

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"Along with an oral medication, I used Neogyn 3 times per day. What a miracle! After 3 weeks I had long periods with no burning or pain.  I will continue to use Neogyn from now on.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Kathleen, 69   Florida

"After the first few applications, "I felt no burining or itching - I felt immeciate relief."  After 2 to 4 weeks, I felt "better, improved immensely, no pain whatsoever."

- Sue, 69  New York

"I had so much vulvar discomfort and couldn't find anything to help with the irritation and occasional itching. Once my GYN diagnosed vulvodynia, I discovered Neogyn on an online Vulvodynia website and thought, what do I have to lose?! I didn't experience any burning with use and after using it for a good 2 months, I feel better and am not constantly aware of the vaginal area.

- Gina, 66 California

"I had a little stinging in the first 2 days . . . now, I am on my way to feeling normal again. I can already tell by using Neogyn for only one week. THANK YOU!!!!"

- Patricia, 58  Minnesota

"I was at my wit's end concerning the pain I was experiencing. While researching on the internet I came across the Neogyn web site and decided it couldn't hurt to try it. I found that Neogyn is very soothing. It helped me get through the very worst pain when I first was diagnosed. Neogyn, along with prescribed medication from my gynecologist and some habit changes has really made a difference."

- Susan, 19   North Carolina

"I used to think I was alone in this distress but have learned many more women suffer with varying levels of this condition.

I began having problems after I was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago and was taken off my hormone replacement. I was diagnosed with Vulvodynia soon after and over the next few years it became progressively worse, atrophy, vaginitis, vestibulitis - intimacy was inpossible. I researched, went to doctor after doctor but nothing worked to heal and relieve the discomfort.

I recently gained a referral to a Pelvic Pain Therapist. I came across a "healthSCOOP" in the April issue of Prevention Magazine promoting Neogyn benefits. My therapist agreed it was worth a try so I ordered it about a month ago.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I saw that ad because this has been the answer I have been seeking. Neogyn is wonderful product and has made a significant difference in my vaginal and vulvar tissues. Not only is the color returning to normal but the elasticity and plumpness of the tissues is improving. I have hope again! We are now able to work on returning intimacy between my husband and I after 7 years. I have more confidence we will eventually succeed now.

Neogyn saved me and my therapist will let her other patients know about it so they can decide if it is right for them.

As a cancer survivor I know that women often experience genital discomfort during and after treatment. I have contacts in support groups, I will definitely share details of this product whenever I get the opportunity. If you have litature that would be good for such support groups I would be pleased to point my contacts in that direction.

God Bless those who brought this product to suffering women everywhere! Let me know if they come up with a safe, effective vaginal lubricant or moisturizer."

- Sarah, Illinois

"My wife has had a problem for years and has used prescription after prescription to no avail. Your product was suggested by her doctor and it has given her great relief."

- Bob, 49   Michigan

"The cream helps with irritation and pain resulting from vulvodynia."

- Mary Ann, 63  Connecticut

"I have now been using Neogyn for about 3 weeks and inmprovement continues. Thank you!"

- Mary, 65 Arizona

"I decided to try Neogyn after seeing the comments from other sufferers.  Since I am allergic to hydrocortisone, I decided to try give it a try.  After the first few applications of Neogyn, I noticed a marked improvement in my sumptoms.  After a full day, the itching had decreased to barely noticeable.  As long as I apply it at least twice a day, I have very RARE itching."

- Kathryn, 61  Nevada

"I would just like to take the time to say thank you for offering such great a product! I feel that I am on my way to feeling better every day. Most times, people will not contact you unless it is negative but I thought a little positive feedback would be appreciated. So once again, thank you."

- Mary Beth, 36   Georgia

Try it RISK-FREE for 30 days & find out how to get a FREE Introductory Supply today... CLICK HERE to Get Started!


"I was looking for something new to try that was not a drug." After a few weeks I feel that Neogyn has helped calm the tissue and after a few months, I have significantly less inflammation."

- Lauren, 54  Florida

"I had run out of prescription options . . . they either irritated or caused yeast infections. With Neogyn's money back guarantee, I figured it was worth one more try. I was amazed at the seemingly rejuvenated skin.  No estrogen cream ever came close to what I am experiencing with Neogyn!  From the first application, I felt "normal" for the first tiem in 4 years! It's a game changer. I am restored to my premenopausal self . . . hubby and I are loving the results! is cream!"

- Mary, 57   Texas

"I have had terrible irritation since the birth of my second child and could not get any relief. I had been searching on-line and came up on Neogyn. I was skeptical at first; thought it would be like everything else I tried before. I was amazed at the sense of relief that I had. The burning subsided and I started to feel more confident. This is such a blessing. I have seen considerable improvement and wil continue to use it."

- Lindsay, 46  Maryland

"I am feeling much better and I am so glad that I tried Neogyn!"

- Pat, 58  New Jersey

"After using Neogyn for 2 months, I find that the pain has decreased by 75% and am looking forward to continued use to totally relieve all pain."

- Charlotte, 57  California

"I could tell an improvement after the 3rd use. It is the only cream that doesn't irritate me more and speeds the healling of "raw" feeling and look of the skin. I am feeling HUMAN again. My husband is really, really happy too!

- Bev, 58  Louisiana

Neogyn testimonial
"My wife has had a problem for years and has used prescription after prescription to no avail. Your product was suggested by her doctor and it has given her great relief."

Bob, 49   Michigan
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