End Menopausal Discomfort “Down There”?

It is estimated that at least 14 million American women in the United States have experienced chronic vulvar pain. It's time to soothe the pain...

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Soothe & Calm Your Most Sensitive Area!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Only one-third of women suffering from vulvar discomfort ever sought help. Restore your feminine comfort with neogyn...

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90% of women improved their sex lives with neogyn. Recommended by leading gynecologists and healthcare professionals to relieve discomfort during sex.


Clinically Proven to be Safe & Effective

Created with leading Swiss Scientists to promote overall feminine comfort and relieve chronic feminine discomfort, soreness, dryness and burning.


neogyn® is life changing!

neogyn Feminine Soothing Cream may help restore your quality of life.

  • TREAT soreness, dryness & burning
  • RELIEVE discomfort during sex
  • SOOTHE irritation and redness
  • HELP restore feminine comfort
  • ENJOY more intimacy and romance
  • APPRECIATE everyday activities

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Sex shouldn't hurt!


A recent study revealed that 14 million American women of all ages suffer from chronic pain "down there"... even younger women. Feminine discomfort requires relief by a targeted approach like neogyn®

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Watch it WORK!


"I could tell an improvement after the 3rd use. It's the only cream that doesn't irritate me and speeds the healing of the "raw" feeling and look of the skin. I am feeling HUMAN again. My husband is really, really happy too!"

Bev, 58   Louisiana
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"This is a fantastic product. I've tried every hormone and over the counter cream out there. This is the only thing that has helped my dyspareunia. I am 60 years old and can have comfortable intercourse again. My husband is very grateful!"

Coley, 55+  Washington
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"This cream is a God-send! My doctor said there was nothing that could be done for the chronic inflammation. I just couldn't believe there was nothing available that would help. Thanks to everyone who wrote a review and convonced me to give this a try!"

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